Erotic art performers
based in the city of Berlin.
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We are a Berlin based couple, and we make our sex life and fantasies into visual arts.

Consensual sex is a wordless communication form where you can express love and affection by giving pleasure to your partner, and with your body and breathing show your beloved how much you enjoy the pleasure you receive.

We capture our moments and present it artfully to inspire others to enjoy each other more in their sex life.

This Is Us



Both of Us




What We Do

We explore our sexuality without prejudices and capture the moments ourselves or perform in other artist’s films and photos.

Berlin Is Our Stage

The German capitol is known for its free spirit and for its unpolished urban environment. When we scratch the surface of the city, we find like minded people – artists, performers and sexual liberated folks.

We love to collaborate with other artists when we are introduced to an existing project. However, most of the time we create our own works. Sometimes it is spontaneous, other times it has been discussed, planned and written ahead.

Settings Are Important

»Lights on. Camera. Action.«

It’s not that simple when you do a such intimate performance as we do. We need to feel comfortable with the settings and the people on the set.
Hopefully the intimacy shows on the final works because that is what we intend.

If you have a project which needs two performers like us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just keep in mind that we value chemistry and comfort on the set before we agree to participate.

Support Us

We provide some of our works for free either on social media or for artists who wants to create arts such as drawings and paintings of us.
However, we still have to cover our expenses for our work.

If you like our free stuff and other artist's adaptations, please support us by watching our non-free photos and videos on MyDirtyHobby and  iWantClips.

This way you can show your appreciation, and at the same time help funding the production of even more erotica for your pleasure.

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